Rules for promotion


A student must secure minimum grade 'D' in each aspects of all the subjects (evaluation-wise).


  1. A student must secure 33% marks out of 80 marks in each subject (term-wise).
  2. It is also mandatory for the student to secure 33% marks out of 20 marks (Internal Assessment) in each subject (term-wise).


  1. A student must secure 33% marks out of 70/80 marks in each subject in the Final Examination.
  2. In order to be declared as 'Pass' a student must secure 33% marks in each of the five subjects (theory as well as in Internal Assessment/Practical Examination separately)
  3. Maintaining a consistent performance throughout the session in the Internal Grade subjects (General Studies/ Work Education/ Physical & Health Education) is mandatory for Classes XI & XII.


  1. Promotion is granted on the basis of the performance of the students during the entire Academic Year.
  2. Students must obtain a minimum of 75% attendance to be eligible to appear in the Final Examination/CBSE Board Examination.
  3. A student failing in one of the five main subjects shall be eligible for Compartment Examination. The student will be declared 'Pass', provided he/she qualifies the compartment. The syllabus for the Compartment Examination will be the same as the Final Examination. A student failing in two or more subjects will not be eligible for compartment and shall not be promoted to the next class.(Only for classes IX & XI)
  4. A student who fails to appear or fails the compartment will be treated to have failed the examination and will not be promoted.
  5. A Child who fails twice in the same class will not be permitted to continue in the school. Transfer certificate will be issued to him or her.
  6. In case of any modification by the CBSE the above policy may change.