Other Facilities

Water & Sanitation

Proper sanitation is important for the general well being. It is the determinant of quality of life. To promote hygiene education and sanitary habits among students, they are sensitized about the importance of these factors. The school provides clean drinking water (using RO) to the students. Students are encouraged to eat healthy, and have a fruit and lunch breaks each day. The school premises are sanitized and cleaned to ensure that children get a conducive environment to learn and play.

Fire Safety

Fire extinguishers are installed at various places in the school building. The CISF FIRE WING is always there to install and maintain the fire extinguishers. The school conducts Fire Drills at regular intervals, assisted by the CISF FIRE WING, NTPC Farakka, to acquaint students and staff with fire safety procedures.


All the school buses carry only the permitted number of students, in accordance with the capacity of the bus. The students are escorted by the teachers to ensure safety. During the dispersal after the school hours, regular attendance of the students is taken before boarding the buses. All the buses have a first aid kit to attend to any medical needs. The buses are also equipped with Fire Extinguishers.