House System

There are 6 houses in the School-Chenab, Ganges, Jhelum, Yamuna, Ravi and Sutlej. Every student on admission is placed in one of these Houses.
Each house is headed by one boy and one girl known as House Captains and to assist them there is a Vice House Captain (B) and a Vice House Captain (G). A member of the staff assisted by several other teachers (tutors) act as the House Warden. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for their performances in extra curricular activities, games and

sports. Points are also awarded to individual students and group for their performance in the competitions for the selection of Best All-rounder and Best House.
At the end of the year, two Houses gaining the highest number of points are awarded running trophics and trophies are awarded to houses for their performance in literary, Cultural Activities. Inter House competitions are organised in Sports, Debates, Quiz, Art and Music, Calligraphy, Dance etc.

Adolescence Education Programme (School Based Activities)

  1. Perspective building of life skill development for (VI - VIII).
  2. Good nutrition practices for (VI-VIII).
  3. Self-esteem for (VI-VIII).
  4. Building positive relationships for (VI-VIII) & (IX-X).
  5. Developing gender sensitivity for Vlll to X.
  6. Sexual abuse: awareness, prevention & coping strategies for (VI - Vlll).
  7. RTI’s, STI’s basic facts for (VIII-X) & (XI-XII).
  8. HIV / AIDS ; basic facts, transmission & prevention. Living positively with HIV infection for (VIII-X) & (XI-XII).
  9. Substance abuse; basic facts for (VII-IX) & (X-XII).
  10. Peer pressure understanding & coping with it for (VII-IX) & (X-XII).
  11. Effective communication for (IX-XII).
  12. Enhancing decision making skills for (IX-XII).
  13. Coping with emotions & stress for IX-XII.
  14. Anger management for (IX-XII).


Visiting Time For Parents

The School would like parents to maintain a close rapport with the teachers teaching their wards in the school. With the tight schedule, sometimes it is very difficult to meet parents every day. Parents are advised to meet the respective class teachers with prior appointment.
It is always advisable to write to the school about the problems of your ward or for asking guidance. Your letters will be replied to after discussion with the concerned teachers.

12.30 P.M. to 1:30 P.M. on working days



Important Days



Lost Property

Your ward should be instructed to be careful about his/her things. There should be a name tag on blazers and sweaters. Expensive articles like transistors, calculators, mobiles etc. should not be brought to school. Students are also pohibited from wearing jewellery in the school. In case of violation of this rule the articles will be confiscated.
The school bears no responsibility for articles lost in school.
In case of a loss, a letter, giving details of the loss may be sent to the Class Teacher.
Articles found are also to be handed over to the Teacher who will take appropriate action.