Science Lab

The purpose of the Science Lab is to stimulate students’ interest in Science. To enhance the learning ability of the students and to impart practical exposure about theoretical concepts, the school is well equipped with Physics Lab, Chemistry lab, Biology Lab and Home Science Lab. The students have hands-on experience to their learning. The experiments conducted in the labs help them add to their knowledge.

Physics Lab

We have a highly sophisticated physics lab with ample equipment to perform experiments in various branches of physics, starting from mechanics, properties of matter, optics, electronics and optro electronics. It caters to all the requirements of CBSE till class 12.

Chemistry Lab

The function of the chemistry lab is to ensure technical and scientific support. to all the students. The lab is well equipped with modern day sophisticated apparatus. All infrastructure, equipment and chemicals are made available to the students. Some of the modern day equipment amde available to the students are polar meter, conductivity meter, a vacuum pump for suction filtration and all borosilicate glassware.

Biology Lab

The school has a specious, well equipped and furnished laboratory. It has many monocular and binocular microscopes. It has all the required apparatus, specimen jars, charts and various models that is required for a sound learning.

Mathematics Lab

To enhance practical mathematical skills and make students be well-versed with the concepts, Math Labs have been set up in DPS Farakka. It stimulates interest in Maths, and encourages and assists students to develop the knowledge, competence, and enthusiasm thereby removing the fear of the subject.

Social Science Lab

Coming Soon!

Lingua Lab

Coming Soon!

Web Lab

Equipped with the latest systems, the web lab is very much in tune with the times. Apart from effectively aiding in teaching the prescribed syllabus, it endeavours to expose the students to the latest technologies and skills in this field.