Rules For Inter House Competitions
Classes I to Xii

  • A student can take part in two individual items, one group item and any no. of other open competitions.
  • A student can take part in either English debate or Hindi debate.
  • No student can take part in both solo song and solo dance competitions.
  • Collections of names, selection of students and practice should be done during house periods only.
  • Topic for Eng. debate, Hindi be announced a week before the scheduled day and that for Art and Painting, Extempore, Essay will be on the spot.
  • For Art and painting competitions school will provide drawing sheets and for Essay writing ruled sheets will be provided. All other necessary things are to be arranged by the students.
  • All the students are advised to take part in open competitions and preliminary round of other competitions.
  • For Inter House Games and Sports competitions a student can participate in 2 out door events and two indoor games at the best.
    On the Annual Sports Day a student can take part in maximum two track events and two field events. Relay Races are open competitions. Participation in the Relay Race is restricted to individual house cadets.